charles & his guardian angel


“Watch out!” A strange voice shouted from the darkness.
Charles, a little twelve year-old boy, immediately jumped forward with a quick burst. A cold slick object slipped down his shoulder. He gasped with eyes widened as he held his breath. He stood frozen. He could only pray to God in silence.
Suddenly, the wind began to blow quite hard. Charles tried to hold on to everything within his grasp. CCRRAACKK …a tree behind him crashed down! In a matter of seconds, everything turned silent; much too quiet for little Charles. The wind had stopped blowing, but his heart still beat faster. Something is awfully wrong, he thought. He forced his eyes to look deep into the darkness.
Charles recalled he had a flashlight in his bag. With trembling hands he opened his bag to search for it. He found it next to his books. Shaking profusely, he looked for the button, switched the flashlight on, and quickly aimed the light to his surroundings. Right behind him was the fallen tree. Under its trunk, a snake nearly one and a half times his size, lie dead with its mouth widely opened. He could clearly see its sharp pointed fangs. Shuddering by the horrible scene, he switched off his flashlight.

Sometimes, it’s better not to see anything. Now I’ll have horrible dreams for days. And who shouted at me? Charles wondered. Was it my senses?
He couldn’t figure it out, so he wheezed slowly and continued his journey.



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