Where Are You God?




Kendrick Lovington gave a last look to his study room. His travel-bags stood up neatly next to his feet. The comfortable wooden room was exquisite with a decorated red carpet spread on the center, a large oak table, a big leather chair, and a big red couch worn out of frequent use by the fireplace across the wall cabinets filled up with journals, essays, psychological and religious books. The place had been his ‘hiding cave’ for his private obsession in searching for the human understanding, truth, and God.
Enough, he thought. I’ve been reading many books but I’m still not satisfied. I’ll be in quest for the journey of searching for God. My heart is still yearning for truth. There should be an answer somehow, somewhere in this world and I have to find it before closing my eyes for the last time.
He noticed his table, which was always, stacked with papers of his college students but now empty. He had marked and distributed all the exams. He smiled thinking about the university where he had taught for fifteen years. All his colleagues of the Psychology Department wished him best luck for his journey.
Kendrick reached for the brass handle of his study room, pulled it softly, and closed the hefty panel door. With a brown leather backpack on his back, he lowered himself to seize on his two bags; one big suitcase and a medium-sized handbag, and pulled them into the living room.
Putting his bags down, he reached for the brown checker-patterned jacket on the coat hanger and wore them. He gripped the brown-grayish flannel cap and stood in front of the mirror observing his reflection.
He was of medium height, a white-haired man of forty-five years old with thick mustache and soft grayish eyes. His square face had soft fair complexion. Kendrick Lovington would not fit the category of modern look for he possessed a rather conventional style.
He had not got married yet. Kendrick enjoyed having good companionship but he never really knew whether he had ever fallen in love and at the same time, he put too much consideration on everything.
My life is definitely going to change, he thought.
He gave an encouraging smile at himself and put his cap down.
A sound of car engine stopped in front of his house and honked twice.
“It’s your cab, Mr. Lovington.” Her house cleaner suddenly turned up in the living room. She dried her hands with a white napkin, stared at her master, and thought silently; some people said that the more you learnt about God, the more you knew of nothing.
“Okay, please keep the house clean, will you? Bye, now,” he said politely to her and headed to the cab waiting for him impatiently.

On the way to Dulles International Airport, the taxi driver, a middle-aged guy with black thick mustache and a toothpick on his mouth was rumbling. “So, you leavin’ town, huh?”
“Oh yes, yes. I’m leaving for Bali.” Kendrick took a pleasure in having a conversation with others.
“Where’s that?” The driver raised one of his thick eyebrows peeping at him from the rear mirror.
Kendrick smiled and said, “It’s in Indonesia, South East Asia.”
“Huh, so far away? What you doin’ there?”
“I’m attending a conference.”
“Sounds biggie, huh?” He pressed the honked hard, long enough to deafen Kendrick’s ears as he saw a car blocking the road and muttered to himself. At last, the car in front of him moved forward. Feeling bored, he continued speaking. “So, what conference?”
“It’s about the psychological perceptions in Asian culture and religion.”
He whistled.
“I’m in search for God,” Kendrick added calmly.
The cab driver almost pushed the brake metal accidentally. “Gee. You think you gonna find Him there?”
“Well, I hope. There must be a place to start on,” he smiled confidently.
“Huh, hum. Can’t you just find Him here, in DC?” he threw his toothpick away.
“I’ve read many books about Asia. Their multi-racial society with many different unique cultures and religions attract me.” Then he continued speaking to himself mentally, just hope I’ll be enlightened and find the answer I’ve been looking for if I finally go out of my cave.
The cab driver shrugged his shoulders. “Well, all right, then. Good luck for you! Hope that you find what you lookin’ for.”