Maya and Yoga    

Sequel article of Contemplation


 Kendrick Lovington was in his hotel room getting ready for his meditation class. He had changed his sleeping wear into white cotton trousers and long sleeve. He stared at his reflection in the mirror.
"Okay, be calm and relax," he said to himself.
He grabbed his leather backpack neatly sat on the chair, inserted the key into the deadbolts, pulled the door open, and pushed it back slowly.
Kendrick walked out and passed the beautiful garden, the swimming pool, and hailed a taxi.

Kendrick stared at a gray brick-mixed stone building. He saw a pile of brochures spreading on the desk covered with a green-checkered tablecloth before the entrance door and took one. As he paced inside the red brick door into a big hall, he read a short note about the essence of yoga.
He put the brochure inside his brown backpack. Okay, I'm ready to be united with the divine, he said silently to himself.
He saw a middle-aged woman having long hair and serene look with a touch of eastern exoticism approaching him.
Wow, she's pretty! he commented inside the heart.
"Hi, I'm Maya," she introduced herself and walked him to the corner hall where some other students were sitting crossing their legs.
Kendrick placed his backpack on the side of the big wall and sat down on the floor with the others.
They began the session. He knew that he was supposed to listen to the silence. After a certain stage, his mind would be still and then he should find what he was looking for.
Kendrick could not concentrate at the first meeting. His mind was loaded with too many jumbled questions from important things until rubbish statements popping up in his mind.
Have I brushed my teeth?
Oh, gee, the lady in front of me is so pretty. Gosh, is it that all these times I couldn't get attracted to women because I'm looking at the wrong places? Could it be that my soul mate is in Asia?
Golly! Golly! Kendrick! What are you thinking? Why is your mind wandering around that far?
I'm supposed to be silent. He squinted. The painting on the wall is very nice.
Look, how serene she seems now!
God, can I be still? Why am I so restless? Oh… take a breath, slowly and slowly.
Hmm… where should I go after this?
This place is so full! Look, there are many young people!
He heard Maya telling them to be still and listened to the inner voice. Once again, he tried but failed.

After the meditation class was over, Maya approached him.
"What do you think about the session? Is this the first time you follow a meditation course?"
"Yes, it is. Well, my mind seemed to be full and I get to admit that it was quite hard."
Maya nodded. "I know. Meditation could be that way for some people. Take it slow," she encouraged him.
"Yeah, I think I will." Kendrick felt he was blushing in front of her. "How could you do that? I mean, you looked so serene back there."
"I have found myself and yielded my life completely to God. Otherwise, you know, with all my daily problems, I might end up crazy." She circled her forefinger next to her temple and gave a soft smile. Her eyes were shining when she continued, "After being enlightened, I start living my life differently."
Kendrick gazed at her interestingly. "Listen, I'm meeting Mangku Marendra in about a minute or so. Do you want to come with us for lunch?"
"You're meeting him here? All right, then. Thanks for the nice offer," her face was brightened.
"My pleasure." With the tip of his eyes, Kendrick noticed Mangku Marendra was walking toward them. "Oh, here he comes."
Marendra smiled and greeted them. "Hi, Maya, Kendrick." Marendra turned his head to Kendrick. "So, how's your first meditation class?"
"I still have to learn a lot," Kendrick said honestly.
Marendra opened an understanding smile. "It takes time. Don't worry."
Kendrick grinned. "Maya is telling me the same."
"Is she?" Marendra gazed at her.
"I've invited Maya to have lunch with us," Kendrick told him.
"Oh, sure. Let's go then."