Lunch in Ubud    

Sequel article of Maya and Yoga


Maya led Kendrick and Mangku Marendra to a new white modern car parked not far from the building.
"Nice car," Kendrick complimented it. He opened the front door for her.
"Oh, thank you." She showed her elegant smile.
After they were all in their seats, Marendra directed his eyes into the back compartment where Kendrick was sitting comfortably. "So, is there any specific place you have in mind?"
Kendrick pondered in brief. "I'm curious about a place called Ubud?"
"Sorry?" Marendra could not catch the name of the place Kendrick mentioned as he did it in the western pronunciation.
"I think Kendrick was talking about Ubud," Maya explained smiling. "My ex-husband used to call the place like that."
"Yes. I heard that it was a huge art village."
"All right." Maya put on the gear and the car started to race steadily.

Driving for an hour, Kendrick noticed that the Ubud streets were similar to the area by the Kuta Beach except that it was located on the highland. The surrounding countryside was greenish with sprawling terraced-rice fields along the rivers, convenient villages, and assorted hotels.
"Wow, it's a very nice place," Kendrick enthused. "Marendra, what if we have lunch first? Seeing interesting places has made me energetic and hungry."
They laughed. "All right. Let's go to the restaurant rows. There are plenty for you to choose. What food do you have in mind, Kendrick?" Marendra asked.
"Hum, let's just go with the traditional ones."
"Very nice."
Maya made a turn and parked the car on the side of the street. They stepped out strolling on the sidewalk.
Kendrick made his choice and they all entered into a cozy, semi-open air gallery café. The weather was good and sunny and white clouds were winging on the sky.
A welcoming waitress with a long wrapped-skirt and a white flower slipped behind her ear, greeted them, and handed the menu book. The restaurant served Indonesian, Balinese, and vegetarian food.
"Why don't you pick for me?" Kendrick spoke to Maya.
"All right. Do you have any forbidden food?"
Suddenly, Kendrick remembered that his new friends might not eat beef. Having read their minds, Marendra said, "How about if you take the mixed rice, the specialty from Bali? It's some white rice mixed with a complete range of food. You'll get spicy chicken, meat on skewers, vegetables, and chilies."
"All right. You make my mouth waters." He gazed at the waitress. "I'll take that."
Maya stepped in to make his order clear to the waitress.
Kendrick observed the paintings hanging attractively on the wall. "There are plenty of lotus flowers in Bali. Like there, in the painting, it also has a background setting of the lotus ponds. Does it have a specific meaning?"
"Oh yes," Marendra replied. "The lotus flower throne with its eight petals is the eight symbols of God's holy and supreme character."
"Please, enlighten me."
"First, the character of God is very fine like the atomic particles. Then, the weightlessness, He is lighter than the ether."
"Yes, you know that ether was believed as the substance composing the heavenly bodies," Maya added.
"Oh, I see."
"And then He exists in our entire universe. He is God, the Almighty. There's no empty space and that everyplace is reachable by Him."
We can't escape from God. We can run but we can't hide from God when we are still alive or after we enter the eternity. Kendrick smiled in his heart. How can we? He is God.
"Do you mind sharing your thoughts?" Maya gazed at him.
Realizing that he was smiling to himself, Kendrick said, "I was just thinking that there's no hidden place from God."
"I see. Yes. I agree," she said. "That's why when I make peace with God and myself. I find the essence of my life regardless my outer situation."
"So, what's the fifth?"
"His wish will always be accomplished," Marendra said.
"God never fails," Kendrick added.
"True. He is the King of all, and above all, the prime ruler, the number one, and the ultimate. And then, He has the highest power. He controls over everything and exceeds everything. The last one, no body can oppose against His will. He is God, the omnipotence."
"Wow." Kendrick was speechless for a moment. "You have such a thorough understanding about Him."
"At the end, well, he is God. Who can ever be the judge of Him?" Marendra added.
Kendrick bent his head in awesomeness absorbing what his heart had already known but still struck by the fact every time it came up to the surface. Being reminded again with such bold statements, Kendrick's heart had been aching more to have an encounter with Him.
"There's more about Hinduism. They're not very complicated but at the end you'll have to find the resolute answers inside your heart and discover your own enlightenment." Marendra's voice became solemn and serene.
Suddenly Maya enthused, "Oh, there's our lunch."
The lunch, served with banana leafs, was spread on the wooden table.
Seeing the delicious food in front him, Kendrick smiled.