A Pilgrimage with Ahmed


Sequel article of The Sunans


On the following day, Kendrick and Ahmed had breakfast together at the hotel. Kendrick was ladling the porridge out of the small cup when Ahmed opened a conversation.

"How's your sleep?"

Kendrick nodded. "Oh, good. I felt asleep instantly the moment I smelt my pillow."

Ahmed sipped his coffee and asked, "So, what do you think about yesterday?"

Kendrick moved his lips for a soft smile. "It gave me a new sensation I'd never felt before. It was really a new thing for me."

Ahmed made a gesture. "Oh, really? So, you are going to continue this journey with me?" his lenient eyes expressed his wisdom.

"Absolutely. Now, tell me about our next destination. Where are we heading to?"

"We are going to visit Sunan Maulana's grave in Gresik. It's an hour drive from here."

"Maulana? What's his story?"

"His full-name was Syekh Maulana Malik Ibrahim. He mentioned some good points I agree with. His analysis was that before the believers came into the House of God, they should be fulfilled with the basic daily needs. In doing so, they wouldn't keep thinking and worrying about such things while praying."

Kendrick remembered how difficult it was to concentrate on his first yoga session whereas he had nothing to worry about except for his yearning desire. "Yeah, I also agree. We used to hear so many voices, and our minds tend to compete with them in a constant battle. When the surrounding suddenly went calm down, the mind was behind in coping with the new situation. It needs some time to adjust in the new calmness, and be reorganized. You can be surprised of how much unnecessary subjects we think of every day."

Ahmed chuckled. "Are you saying it based on your theories or experiment?"

Kendrick laughed. "Yeah, it relates to my latest experiment while taking my yoga course."

Ahmed commented, "It's so true. Still, I think that we have to be in balance. The best thinking is to synchronize the thoughts. From my experience, I learn that human beings tend to fill our minds merely with the physical pleasure like food, sex, recreation. We give too little proportion for the healthiness of the spirit when actually the spirit is what makes us alive."

Kendrick pondered.

Ahmed rose up to his feet. "I think I'm going to line up for some eggs. How about you?"

"I'm okay." He expressed his thanks with his smile and extended his hand to seize the handle of his coffee cup.

Drinking, Kendrick observed Ahmed from a distance. He wore his daily clothes with a long light orange cotton shirt, creamy pants, and white turban.