how to photograph children ?


DSLR or Digital Single-lens Reflex camera is the best suited to this. However, any point and shoot digital camera with zoom lens will be sufficient. At least you must have a lens with a minimum of 50 but a zoom lens ranging from 70-210 would be ideal.

The most important factor in photographing children is that you must have an intense love for them. They can instinctively sense moods. They know whether your actions are genuine or not. You cannot predict them.

To children, playing is everything. Therefore, you must actively entertain them. Make them feel comfortable. However, there are times when you should ignore him or her by taking an interest in something in which you suspect he may become interested. This approach might be a tool to build up a sympathetic relationship with them.

If a child is shy, reserved or silent, ignore her. Soon, she’ll start to play up to you because she is not used to being ignored.

It hurts her ego not to be catered to-for sometimes shyness or reticence is developed as a method of showing off. When you’ve got the pictures you need, don’t stop playing immediately. Rather taper it off gradually.



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