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21 Januari 2013

Obama's Inauguration Party from Washington DC to Jakarta

(January 21, 2013) Greetings from Washington DC! Facing the disastrous floods in Jakarta, we are challenged to hold on and keep moving on. Hope and hard work start from a state of mind and they are a matter of choice. Keep up the spirit. Yes, we can! Damien Dematra wrote.

Dream Obama the movie, celebrating the inauguration of President Obama is launched at Planet Hollywood Jakarta XXI at about the same time with Obama's inauguration party in Washington DC (January 21, 2013). Director Damien Dematra and its main star, Natasha Dematra, join the jovial party of Obama’s supporters’. In Jakarta, Obama supporters, comprised of teachers, students and friends of Obama's childhood mingle with film crews and casts of Dream Obama.

Dream Obama is Damien Dematra’s third movie about Obama, following the great success of Little Obama, and a semi-documentary film, Obama and Me. Dream Obama is also Damien’s 42th artworks about Obama that consist of a series of paintings, photo, films, books, and others. The movie is also Damien’s fifth world record in relation to the president. These efforts makes Damien dubbed as ‘Obama-mania’ by Reuters. Damien said that his reason to do all these is because he feels that Obama is an inspirational figure who has proved that nothing is impossible for those who believe, and that limitation is not a barrier, despite of his political policy. This inspiration is tried to be captured through his works.

Dream Obama broke world record as the fastest feature film production from script-writing to premiere in 9 days, 17 hours and 45 minutes, while the previous world record was held by a Bollywood film. Dream Obama’s record does not affect the quality of the movie as several international movie distributors have offered to distribute the film. This ambitious effort (the movie production) is supported by more than 1000 casts and crews performed to prove the power of dreams, that nothing is impossible for those who have strong desire to achieve their dreams. This has been demonstrated by President Obama. Although he was considered a minority, he managed to become the president of the United States, a country that is dominated by white people, and he even gets re-elected. This has inspired the world to believe in the power of dreams, dare to pursue dreams, and work hard to achieve it.

To appreciate Damien’s efforts and works, President Obama has sent him a letter. In the letter, the president extended his deepest thanks and appreciation. The president also looks forward to work together to the benefit of the two nations and strengthen the bonds between the people of the USA and Indonesia.

About Dream Obama – the movie

The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.... Barry, nickname of Barack Obama when he spent his childhood in Indonesia, has inspired Hendra (Pong Hardjatmo) with his unyielding spirit and high dreams. Hendra instilled the power of the dream on his granddaughter, Margaret (Natasha Dematra) and put her to Asisi Elementary School, where the president used to go to school. At the front yard of the school stands the statue of Little Obama, a symbol of appreciation for people who dare to dream high.

Life is full of surprises, and dream doesn’t always shake hands with reality. Margaret’s life goes to pieces when a terrible accident happens. Bleak darkness begins to haunt her. How does Margaret’s mother, Maryam (Ayu Azhari) face this? Can Margaret hold on and keep on walking despite of her despair?

The film stars Natasha Dematra, Ayu Azhari, Pong Hardjatmo, Rahayu Saraswati, Radhit Sham, Steve Emmanuel, Ade Ray, Tracy Trinita, Karenina Halim, Maya Permata Sari Ayu, Yusril Ihza Mahendra, Martha Tilaar, KH. Slamet Effendy Yusuf, Ron Mullers, Putu Ary Suta, Freddy Ndolu, Deborah Immanuela, Azka Liansyah, Vina Yunita, Isla Stephanie, and Maryam and Atieq Azhari, teachers and students of Assisi Elementary, and others.

Directed by Damien Dematra and produced by Damien Dematra and Ron Mullers, Dream Obama is scheduled to start showing in cinemas throughout Indonesia on January 24, 2013. They hope this movie can inspire families, especially the young generation to never give up chasing their dreams.

Photos Behind the Scene Dream Obama - the movie (hi res)
Photos Dream Obama - the movie (hi res)
Photo poster Dream Obama - the movie (hi res)